Project Management Process: Project Best Practices for Visual Learners


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This program is designed for visual learners who want to master the entire Project Management Process. The 38 videos in this self-directed study guide cover the major processes in project management.  These learning videos show you project managers, sponsors, stakeholders, teams and vendors going through each of the processes.  You can watch people enacting the right way to do each process.  The script for each of the 38 videos was written by PMP-certified project managers and directed by Dick Billows PMP, GCA. Dick has over 25 years of experience managing projects in Fortune 200 companies and for consulting clients.

Descriptions of Ten of the Project Management Process Videos

Organization Type

Dick Billows, PMP, talks about the different types of organizations and how the project manager interacts with the members of each organization. The type of organization is a critical piece of the foundation and the framework for the organization’s project management processes.

Plan Stakeholder Management

In Plan Stakeholder Management, we identify how we’ll manage expectations, then engage and monitor stakeholders for the project. This is a lecture video on Plan Stakeholder Management, from the Planning process group and the second process in the Stakeholder Management Knowledge Area. 

Risk Monitoring

During the process of controlling our project risks, we will regularly review the risks to identify new ones, reassess our originally identified risks and to close any risk that are no longer relevant to the project. Each of these actions is documented in the risk register so they are available for any changes.

Validated Deliverables and Verified Deliverables

Dick Billows, PMP, talks about how all the assumptions, constraints and risks come together in the project Initiation process.  Lecture Video and Project Manager in Action Video.

Develop Project Management Plan

The project management plan includes all the management plans for each of the knowledge areas.  It tells us how we will manage the project. It is in the Planning Process Group and is the second process in the Integration Knowledge Area.  Lecture Video and Project Manager in Action Video.

How To Do 3-point Estimating

It is worth learning how to do 3-point  estimating because it is the best technique for developing estimates with your project team members. It is called three-point estimating because the team member provides their pessimistic, optimistic and best guess estimates for their deliverable. 

Create WBS

Once we have the scope statement and major deliverables identified, we decompose the scope statement into the work breakdown structure (WBS). This happens in the Planning Process Group. It is the fourth process in the Scope Knowledge Area. Lecture Video and Project Manager in Action Video. 

Plan Risk Responses

Once the risks  have been analyzed, we know which risks are the biggest opportunities or threats to the project. So we develop responses for dealing with them. This is a lecture video on Plan Risk Responses from the Planning Process Group. It is the fifth process in the Risk Knowledge Area. 

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

After completing qualitative risk analysis, the project manager and stakeholders conduct a numerical analysis of the most important risks. Then we determine the expected value or impact of each risk, if it occurs. This is a lecture video on Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis, from the Planning Process Group. It is the fourth process in the Risk Knowledge Area. Lecture Video and Project Manager in Action Video.


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